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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Well, we were certainly busy these past few weeks ... continuing our recycling unit with creating pumpkins from recycling grocery bags to creating their own 'treat' bags and then taking the recycling to the fullest by demonstrating how to 'use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without' kind of mentality -- of which most students were astonished over:)

Ok, so Monday we began our pumpkins by forming them as well as putting a coat of paper mache` on them. The students LOVED (most of them, at least!) to dig into the slimy, wet paper mache` and slap it on their pumpkins. They were very inquisitive as to how 'this' would end up looking like a pumpkin, but had faith in their teacher:) Here they are after the paper mache' was applied.

Then, Tuesday we began our treat bags. They were simple white canvas bags that the students traced a pumpkin onto and then used buttons to 'fill in' the space, creating the look of a pumpkin and then wrote the word "Treats" at the bottom. Then, I wrote their names with a sharpie at the top -- I originally jotted their initials to the tag inside of the bag but then thought it would be a nice touch (and much easier for me) to write their names on the outside top of the bag. Here are the bags and the finished pumpkins lined up on our shelf. I think they turned out absolutely darling. We finished painting the pumpkins and the glued dried on the bags
on Thursday, when they both went home.

These are their handmade treat bags:)

These are the recylced pumpkins...cute, right?

This is a shot of their recycled pumkin, miniature jack-o-lanterns they created and a top shot of their treat bags:)

Then our last project began on Wednesday ... carving the pumpkin. The kids really liked this -- I let them dig in and take out the guts of the pumpkin, making them ooey gooey and they enjoyed it!!! This was the first pumpkin I ever remember carving -- I do not remember carving a pumpkin as a child, but I may be wrong about that. However, this is my VERY FIRST pumpkin carving as an adult, I know that. It was a blast and turned out really cute, I think. The students chose the face and I carved it. Then we displayed in the class until the weekend and then I brought it home to dispose of it -- didn't want it to attract any bugs nor stink up the room:()

They loved getting in there and feeling the sliminess of the guts... they had such a blast, and so did I!!!

So, these are our fall/Halloween learning projects thus far. We intend to begin the pilgrims and turkey projects shortly as well as our thankful tree. We have to notate and remember why we are thankful and what all we TRULY need to be thankful for. So, stay tuned for much more to come......


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  1. LOVE the paper mache pumpkins--CUTE!
    I sorta remember carving a pumpkin once when we were really young--a pumpkin carving contest might have been involved. I also remember seeing cotton growing there too. But you know the mind is the first thing to go!