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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gazilllion Years :(

 Wow!!! I knew it had been a while but didn't realize that three more holidays had passed and NO posts!!! Phew... sure is time for me to post something, right?!?!?!?

Well, I ordered the silhouette cutter and received it at the END of a snowed-in week, that is very unusual here in Atlanta (and VERY unusual for someone who lived in Charleston, SC for 30 years!!!). So, I didn't get the full week to play but have since made a few cuts and wanted to share them with you.
This is me with my babies ... she's so excited, she's jumping for joy...NOT!!! they both HATED the crunchiness of the ice. They looked at me as if to ask "What happened to the fluffy snow we had before?"!!!

These are a few of the very first cuts I made .. pretty simple. I didn't really have a purpose for any of them, I was just 'playing'!!!! What fun!!!

Then I made these coasters .. not sure who is an "F" but the letter was cool!! I'm sure I will find someone with a last name beginning with "F"!!!
Here they are wrapped in a bow, rather large bow, ready to be given.
Then it was time to experiment with some vinyl. My sister and I have been discussing the various materials in which I could try but have been too scared to try anything yet, for fear of tearing up my BRAND NEW machine!! Well, I was in Michael's the other day, for something completely different (imagine that!!) and always like to look in the dollar bins up front and spotted this -- VINYL shelf liner. Hmm, I said, it is only $2 and worth a try!! So, the love above is what it created. I shrank the original down, thinking for a coaster but then realized I didn't want to spoil the vinyl on a coaster, so will do something with it, I'm sure, just don't know what yet. Long story short, IT WORKED!!!! Yeh, so I will be creating some additional things with it soon...

Stay tuned for more .....


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  1. See, I am a genius!! LOL!! They look great girl!