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Saturday, October 23, 2010

School Spirit

Well, again, it has been a million years since I have posted anything on my blog. Between staying afloat with school and trying to get healthy, it has been a struggle, nonetheless!!! My recent 'activity' was to make myself a lanyard to hold my key to my classroom as well as my ID badge, when I needed to wear it -- I don't have to wear it daily and therefore, do not;however, I do wear my key around my neck because if not, I will lose it,I'm sure!!!! We are the eagles and our colors are read, white, and blue - very patriotic, right?!?!!? Anyway, have created several different ones and then totally trashed them because I was not happy with the outcome ... well, took them off the string and started restringing something new. So, here is my school lanyard ....

As you can see, it consists of red, white and a few blue beads (much harder to come by the right color blue) and then te round ones are actually red and white with a blue star...very patriotic:) It was super simple to make and is very durable!!!


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