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Monday, September 20, 2010


Well, it has been nearly a month since my last posting and SOOOO much has happened since then!! On Thursday, August 12th, I received a phone call from a school in East Point, GA for an interview. It just so happens that was during the time that I spent with my sister, returning home on Saturday, August 14th. However, I didn't check my voicemail (because noone calls me at home, everyone calls me on my cell phone!) until Sunday evening and then went into panic mode! Don't panic, I kept saying to myself ... if it is the job the Lord wants for me, they will still consider you for an interview. Deep breaths, breathe....

First thing Monday morning (even before they would answer their phones) I began calling and kept calling, in 15 minute intervals, until someone answered the phone. I was determined to speak to someone to get an interview -- just speak with me and give me a chance, I thought. So, finally I got through to a live person -- just so happened that it was the assistant principal! She said to come in that day at 1:30 --"Yes ma'am, I look forward to speaking with you soon" was my response. So, there it was ... the interview, the chance, that I had prayed for. And where was this school anyway, I thought, and did I even apply for this specific school??? Oh, I didn't care, I just prayed for a job where I could reach out and teach and touch those special lives. Then it was off to calling my prayer warriors who had bloody knees, I'm sure, from constant prayer for me:) Momma was first and then to my sister ... prayer chain started and now I could get out the 'interview suit' and iron and start to get ready. I had about 4 hours until THE time but wanted to make sure that I was rushing and I was fully prepared!!! Searched the web to get information about the school; however, the web hadn't been updated in a zillion years and so guessed that information wouldn't be vital to the interview. Lord, please put the words in my mouth and let my love of children and desire to teach those special ones come through in my spirit and through my lips, I prayed.

This alphabet is a representative of my new future:)

So, then it was, that Monday afternoon that I received one of the biggest blessings ever!!! I was called back by the principal about 2 hours later and offered the job to teach 1st and 2nd grade interrelated resource. I accepted, of course, and began work that Wednesday (he, the principal, had to wait on clearance from the district office). I went to work at 12:30 on Wednesday August 18th and have never been happer!!

So, hope you will forgive me for my delay in blogging ....


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