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Sunday, August 15, 2010


Sorry it has been a few days since posting anything ... I have been busy rekindling and healing with family. It has been a while since I have had a relationship with my family members and the Lord showed me that these relationships are important and that I needed healing with them and to restore these relationships. I feel as if the Lord also said that He was waiting to provide me with my teaching job until all healing had taken place -- something that has been needed for quite some time!!! So, you'll forgive me for not having posted recently, I hope:)

I got back into town on Friday from my sister's and then anticipated the big sale at Hancock's, so didn't really do any crafting until Saturday. Early that morning I headed out to Hancocks:)  I had a list as well as a budget and spent over 4 hours in the store!!! I was soooo overwhelmed!!

I had already started working on 2 or 3 necklaces and decided that I needed to finish one project before starting on another ... plus, my new material was in the washer!! So, I finished beading the necklaces today -- maybe one or two ideas left to work up -- with two of them, specifically, being inspired by the fabric (remnants) I just purchased.
These are the 2 inspired by the fabric (as you can see the fabric in the background).These are the others that I whipped together....
one solid pink, one pink and green, one solid purple, a black and grey pearl one and one with pastel pearls.

*******As soon as I figure out how to 'open' up on Etsy, I will put these in the store to sell. **********

For those who read my previous blog "Experimental Fun", you'll remember the peanut butter coffee cake that I made in the individual loaves. Tomorrow is a friend's birthday (also named Deanna but actually goes by her middle name ... how funny!!) and so tucked a loaf of bread in a bread bag, tied it up with a card and VOILA, a handmade/homemade birthday gift! I thinkn she'll love it with one of her 15 million cups of coffee she drinks. Here it is all wrapped up ....
Oops, it is on it's side .... don't really know how to flip the photo....sorry!!

Well, I am off to categorize, label, and group the items that I have left to put together so that I can form an assembly line to finish these projects/Christmas gifts. Tomorrow is cleaning and laundry day, so I doubt I will do much crafting tomorrow ... hopefully I will have something to share with you by Friday.

Till later ....

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