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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Update on baking

Well, since the other day in the Olympics of baking, I have since tasted (and so have many other individuals) the coffee cake which is mm mm good!!! This morning before church I sliced a piece of the chocolate peanut butter coffee cake and it was sooooo scrumptious deliumptous goooood!!!! Just wanted to update you on the TASTE of the breads ..... try them, you will LOVE them, too!!!

As for what else I have been up to .... a friend, who has already been blessed to be a teacher, asked me for a few things to put in their 'class store' -- a reward system that the students earn 'money' for doing extra things and are then allowed to 'shop' with their 'money' - and so I have been showing her what all I had in my stash (or what I could 'throw' together with ease!). So, I put some really simple cards together - a pack of 5 with 2 birthday wishes, 1 school-themed card, a hello greeting, and a friends card. She loved them and again, I was about to make 500 zillion sets of 5 when she told me stop and let her take in the ONE set to see if the children will even be interested. Of course they will be interested, I thought, these are too cute!!!!
The envelopes are in the front ... oops, I forgot I still need to make one for the balck, school-themed card!
Gotta get right on that! Don't ask why a majority of them are PURPLE!!!
I also 'allowed' her to take one of my travel pouches (red, purple, blue stripe) and my 'Wild Things' bag in to the store (these pictures you've already seen). I also made this picture for her to take in ... It was a saying that I had earmarked in a catalog, printed it out on cardstock, the frame was one I had from the Dollar Tree and then pasted the saying onto pink gingham and then pasted on black cardstock, which you can barely see. So, tres easy, but so so cute!!!

The other thing that she saw in my collection (which I actually brought home from my Momma's) was the homemade (out of material or felt) fortune cookies. She thought (prompted by me!) that she could use the cookies in her classroom, stuffed with inspirational words in them for her students. These are all things that I have had in mind to do when the Lord blesses me with that teaching job:) I haven't done any of the cookies yet, still need to talk to Momma to ensure that how I think they are made is actually true ... so, stay tuned, more to come!!!

Signing off....

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